I'm fascinated by how people make decisions.

I'm a cognitive neuroscientist by training, including undergraduate and doctoral work at the University of Oxford's Department of Experimental Psychology, and research at MIT's Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences. A few years ago, I was lured out of my research lab by the chance to put my behavioral change research into direct use. I've had the good fortune to work with a range of different governments and NGOs to help mobilize change, including the Government of the Republic of Ireland, as well as serving as Principal Advisor on Human Potential, creating behavioral change-based strategy for the new United Nations museum.

I'm always excited to put theory into practice so it's been a delight to lead social impact teams, such as spearheading UX research in a range of EU countries in the creation of Olafur Eliasson's youth-empowerment-climate-change app "EarthSpeakr", and, most recently, leading research into tech and human interaction for the Center for Humane Technology. Setting up "NeuroResilience" has allowed me to take this one step further, helping businesses all over the world leverage the latest neuroscience findings to optimize human-computer interactions in the workplace, so as to support rather than downgrade decision-making, innovation, and collaboration, and ultimately fostering long-term resilience.